Business Area Establishment

Business License

To be able to conduct business production/operational activity, Foreign Investors are obligated to have a Business License. The request for obtaining a Business License can be submitted to and processed by using the One-Door Integrated Services in BKPM.

Business Domicile License.

The Business Domicile License should be possessed for performing the foreign or domestic investment activity and business activity since it serves as the business legality evidence. SITU is also one of the requirements for obtaining permits/licenses for conducting business operational activities.

Company's Registration Evidence

Any investor who has had the principle approval and will commence the investment activity in a region is obligated to have a TDP (Tanda Daftar Perusahaan) or Company's Registration Evidence. TDP can be processed and issued by the Regional Governments by using the One-Door Integrated Services in the region or through the Head of Region.